Our Herd

Rolling Acres Angus is a closed-herd cow/calf operation, meaning that other than occasionally adding new cows (called mama cows or brood cows), the cows spend their entire life on the farm. This means the cows are well cared for so they can remain healthy, comfortable, and productive for 10, 12, and sometimes 14 years.

Healthy and comfortable cows are more productive so taking good care of them makes sound business sense. The cows spend all of their life on pasture and are rotationally grazed to take advantage of different grasses in different growing seasons. They have daily access to a vitamin/mineral supplement and in the cold months are primarily fed high-protein wheat hay that is also grown on the farm. The herd drinks the same water that the family does: limestone filtered water from a 400-foot well.

Cattle herd on a Tennessee farm.

Each cow has a calf each year that remains with its mother until it is approximately 600 pounds. The steers are then either raised for retail processing or shipped to other operations for further development and processing. Since the herd has a quality genetic history, heifer calves are often sold to become replacement cows for other cattle operations.

Steers retained by Rolling Acres Angus are weaned at approximately 600 pounds. They are then put on high-quality pasture with a free choice high-protein, all natural grain (primarily corn and soybean) feed. These animals will gain upwards of 3 pounds per day and are processed when they are 800 to 850 pounds, which is typically mid to late November.