Tennessee cattle farm.

Rolling Acres Angus beef is processed at Blankenship Farms Meat Processing, a high-quality meat processor and butcher shop. The beef is then dry aged for 14-21 days which provides additional flavor and tenderness. Steers are processed at 800-850 pounds, which is smaller than industry standards but produces more tender beef. An 800-pound steer will net approximately 300-325 pounds of beef.

We use standard cuts and packaging but for custom orders are glad to provide additional options (thicker steaks, more ground beef instead of roasts, etc). Beef cuts are sold as a quarter, half, or whole beef. Below is the approximate pounds of cuts per order type. For simplicity, we standardize orders so customers know exactly how much they will be receiving. While the total amount will always be the same, the exact amounts of each cut might vary slightly.

Whole Half Quarter
Ground beef 160 80 40
Filet 5 2 1
NY strip 24 12 6
Ribeye 20 10 5
Sirloin 20 10 5
Round/Stew roast 35 18 9
Chuck roast 20 10 5
Rump roast 8 4 2
Short ribs 8 4 2
Total lbs of custom beef: 300 150 75

Freezer space needed

One cubic foot (12”X12”X12”) of freezer space will store approximately 25 pounds of beef cuts. For ease of handling and storage, each Rolling Acres Angus box contains approximately 25 pounds of beef. The chart below provides an estimate of the freezer space needed for each option and the number of boxes that will be delivered.

Selection Pounds Boxes Delivered Freezer Space Needed
Whole 300 12 12 cubic feet
Half 150 6 6 cubic feet
Quarter 75 3 3 cubic feet


All orders are delivered in 25 pound boxes for ease of handling. Rolling Acres Angus provides two delivery options:

  1. Single delivery. Selections will be delivered in bulk after cuts have been custom processed and dry aged.
  2. Monthly delivery. For the convenience of storage and payment, a monthly/bimonthly/quarterly delivery option is available. Whole beefs will have one box delivered each month (300 pounds, 12 boxes). Half-beefs will have one box delivered every other month (150 pounds, 6 boxes), and quarter beefs will have a box delivered in January, April, and July (75 pounds, 3 boxes) or at the customer’s convenience.

We are delighted to deliver to your doorstep free of charge anywhere in Bradley County or the surrounding counties. We are also happy to discuss delivery options in Tennessee and the Southeast. If you are not blessed to live in the South, we are sorry that it is unlikely we can deliver to you.